A haunting Dark Souls inspired Unreal Engine environment

by Rachel Lyon  · 
A haunting Dark Souls inspired Unreal Engine environment

Pasquale Scionti has once again created an amazing environment scene in Unreal Engine. We've previously featured Scionti's work on a futuristic city and a gorgeous forest and now the Principal Lighting/Lookdev Artist has created a Dark Souls inspired piece.

The stunning scene takes you on a walk through a desecrated graveyard with ominously lit torches. Skeletons and bone remains are strewn across the path as ravens watch you pass by. The walk to the building in the distance is only for the brave of heart.

The volumetric fog was created using dust particles, each asset was placed manually by Scionti, and the game is all in real-time! The tree assets were created using Speedtree and Quixel, small rocks and other debris were created using a foliage brush tool, and the eerie sounds were created using a mix of drone tracks and sound effects.

Pasquale Scionti is a truly talented Unreal Engine artist and you can keep up with their latest projects, as well as viewing all of the past pieces, on their ArtStation here.

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