Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Performance Mode is receiving another patch

by Danny Craig  · 
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Performance Mode is receiving another patch
Square Enix

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Performance Mode will be updated to address visual quality issues based on player feedback.

The details:

  • Rebirth was finally released last week to rave reviews from critics and players alike, but the game's Performance Mode, which prioritizes frame rate over graphics quality, has been criticized for poor lighting, clarity, and a significant drop in detail.

  • Speaking to One More Game, director Naoki Hamaguchi stated that a lot of player feedback has been related to the mode, and an update is in the works to improve the overall experience. "We’ve received a lot of feedback on whether the graphics in the performance mode will be improved or not," Hamaguchi said. "We hear you, and we are currently working on an update patch to improve that aspect. I don’t think the release date would be far away from now."

  • Hamaguchi also stated that improvements to character lighting will be a major part of the patch, as it can make faces appear "very scary," but he could not provide any further details.

  • The issues with Performance Mode originated with the game's demo in early February, prompting many players to switch to Graphics Mode and deal with the 30 FPS cap. Some of its most glaring issues were addressed with the full game's release, but overall visual clarity remains a problem.

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