GTA VI developers respond to Rockstar's "reckless" back-to-office mandate

by Danny Craig  · 
GTA VI developers respond to Rockstar's "reckless" back-to-office mandate
Rockstar Games

Following reports that Rockstar has asked its employees to return to full-time work in its physical office spaces, developers at its studios have publicly reacted negatively to the decision.

The details:

  • Earlier this week, Rockstar reportedly informed employees that they would be required to work full-time from its offices beginning April 15, putting an end to hybrid and remote work as Grand Theft Auto VI enters its final year of full development. Jenn Kolbe, the studio's head of publishing, cited increased security and productivity as reasons for the decision after the company fell victim to a hack in 2022.

  • The Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has criticized the move, claiming that removing remote working capabilities for the "majority" of its workforce contradicts previous statements and that exemptions will be "rare." "Rockstar's decision to implement the new policy also marks a U-turn from previous statements in which the company insisted flexible work options would remain available," IWGB wrote, citing a petition signed by 176 Rockstar employees last year.

  • An anonymous employee stated that remote work has been a "lifeline" for the developer's staff as it allows them to "balance care responsibilities, manage disabilities, and relocate," and that Rockstar is now "snatching away that lifeline without a second thought for the workers who'll be impacted most."

  • The worker also shared that the abrupt decision has raised concerns about the studio potentially "paving the way for a return to toxic 'crunch' practices" that have been notoriously common at the developer for major releases.

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