Activision will begin banning players using Call of Duty boosting services

by Danny Craig  · 
Activision will begin banning players using Call of Duty boosting services

Activision has confirmed that players who pay for illegitimate boosting services in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone's ranked modes in order to climb the leaderboards will be banned.

The details:

  • In a post on X, Activision announced that recent ban waves had resulted in the suspension of 29,000 accounts across MW3 and Warzone, and that it would be taking steps to reduce the impact of boosting services in its games. “On Boosting Lobbies: Artificially inflating SR won't be permitted. Accounts engaging in this behavior will be banned,” the publisher said. “We will consider all available technical and legal options for shutting these illicit services down.”

  • Players have recently reported that "bot lobbies" are becoming more common, which are lobbies filled with low-skilled or fake players used to artificially inflate the stats of those willing to pay for access. The problem has become so widespread that a significant number of players in the top 250 Warzone leaderboards have evidently used a boosting service.

  • Boosting has been around in multiplayer games for years, with many people paying high-level players to play on their account or gain access to easier lobbies. This is done in competitive titles to reach higher ranks that a player cannot reach legitimately or to quickly unlock skins that would otherwise require hours or days of grinding.

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