Titanfall 3 is not in development, but Respawn’s CEO would “love to see it”

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Titanfall 3 is not in development, but Respawn’s CEO would  “love to see it”
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Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella has expressed interest in making a third Titanfall game, but it has to be the "right thing" for it to happen.

The details:

  • Zampella spoke about the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in a new interview with Barron's before being asked about the possibility of a new Titanfall game from the studio. Surprisingly, he appeared to be open to the idea of having a third game in the series, stating that while he would "hate to say yes" because "people latch onto that and then skewer you when it doesn't come," he would "love to see it happen." Zampella then clarified that the game is not in the works and there are no plans for it and that it would require the "right moment in time" for anything to happen.
  • Zampella went on to say that Respawn needs to find a way to make the game that "doesn't confuse people that are Apex fans but not necessarily Titanfall fans yet," which may not make sense to those who know that Titanfall and Apex Legends share the same universe. However, some players are likely to be unaware that they are linked at all, and the smartest way to market the game to non-Titanfall fans would be to use Apex Legends as a selling point, so it makes sense to consider this.
  • Titanfall fans have been waiting for a new game for years, with Titanfall 2 underperforming in sales after EA decided to release it just a week after the behemoth that was Battlefield 1. Regardless of how many copies it has sold, it has a cult following, with some viewing the game as having some of the best movement mechanics in the history of first-person shooters and attempting to keep the game alive despite recent attempts by hackers to prevent its playerbase from even being able to play the game.
  • In February, it was reported that EA had canceled an unannounced Titanfall campaign codenamed "Titanfall Legends" that was said to have been built inside Apex Legends, which would have likely been the closest fans would get to a third game in the near future. In September 2021, community coordinator Jason Garza stated that it would be unlikely that Respawn develops Titanfall 3 due to the sheer number of projects the studio was working on, including Jedi: Survivor, a Star Wars FPS, a Star Wars strategy game, as well as maintaining the live service of Apex Legends.

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