EA cancels new Titanfall/Apex Legends title

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EA cancels new Titanfall/Apex Legends title
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EA has reportedly halted an unannounced project set in the universe of Titanfall and Apex Legends following the announcement that Apex Legends Mobile will be shut down.

The details:

  • According to sources close to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, EA has officially canceled the project codenamed “Titanfall Legends” (TFL). Mohammad Alavi, Respawn Entertainment's creative director, oversaw the project until his departure from the studio in early 2022, with development continuing throughout the year.
  • Alavi confirmed in July 2021 that Respawn was working on a single-player title. VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb later added that the game was an FPS with a focus on mobility and style, all of which point to TFL being the title in question.
  • The cancellation will affect approximately 50 Respawn employees, with EA attempting to find them new positions within the company. Those affected will reportedly be laid off and receive a severance package if they are unable to be transferred to another EA studio or department.

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