PS5 Slim "not that much smaller" than the original model, teardown reveals

by Danny Craig  · 
PS5 Slim "not that much smaller" than the original model, teardown reveals

According to a new teardown video from Dave2D, the latest model of the PlayStation 5, when compared to the original 2020 launch console, isn't all that much smaller, despite Sony suggesting a major difference.

The details:

  • The system is fully disassembled in Dave2D's video, showing fans the slimmer form factor and new half gloss half matte plates. One of the most noticeable differences between the old and new systems is their weight, with the digital version of the newer model weighing only 2.6kg compared to the original console's 3.3kg. Those who add the now-optional disc drive will also notice a weight difference, with the new system weighing 3.2kg versus the original's 3.9kg.

  • Sony claims that the new model is around 30% smaller in size than the original, and while the size difference appears to be significant on paper, Dave2D shows that it is "not that much smaller" in a side-by-side comparison. The older system is only slightly taller, but noticeably wider overall.

  • Other improvements include a removable disc drive that can be purchased at any time and is "surprisingly easy to remove," requiring no tools, though players will need to connect to the internet to enable the drive. Storage on the console has also been improved, with a 1TB drive included with all systems and the ability to add an additional SSD via the drive bay.

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