Counter-Strike 2 receives support for custom maps

by Danny Craig  · 
Counter-Strike 2 receives support for custom maps

Valve has finally added support for community-created custom maps in Counter-Strike 2, allowing players to play maps either offline or in multiplayer servers.

The details:

  • In a new blog post, Valve announced the return of the popular feature from previous franchise entries, announcing that maps can now be submitted and downloaded to and from the Steam Workshop. When you subscribe to the maps, you can play them offline or on community-hosted servers, where they will be downloaded when you connect for the first time.

  • Custom maps have been a staple of Counter-Strike since the original mod, with players creating aim trainers, competitive maps, and even entirely new game modes by tinkering with the game's physics engines, spawning entirely separate communities. Due to the engine change with the release of CS2, the massive catalog of maps in CS:GO became inaccessible to most players.

  • The update also added several improvements to the tools used to create in-game content, such as the ability to toggle "Automatic PBR Color Correction" for all stickers, as well as paint metalness and roughness by color features in the item editor for a few more finishes, and more unspecified fixes for all workshop tools.

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