Sony announces new PS5 models featuring a removable disc drive

by Danny Craig  · 
Sony announces new PS5 models featuring a removable disc drive

Sony has finally announced the long-awaited PlayStation 5 revision, which reduces the system's size and allows users to add and remove a disc drive at any time.

The details:

  • The new model of the PS5 will be released in the US in November, before hitting other regions in the following months. Sony is selling both a digital-only version of the console and one with a disc drive similar to the original model. The new models will include a removable panel and the option to purchase a Blu-Ray drive for $79.99 to add to the system's digital edition at any time.
  • In Europe, the revisions will cost the same as the original model; however, the new digital edition console will cost $50 more in the US. Both of the new systems will be more expensive in Japan, where peripherals for the console are also seeing a price increase.
  • Sony claims that the new console is 30% smaller in size than the original and that it is 18% lighter with a disc drive and 24% lighter without. It will also ship with a larger SSD than the original, in addition to a horizontal stand, with a new vertical stand that works with all models available separately for $29.99.

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