PlayStation announces new Astro Bot platformer

by Danny Craig  · 
PlayStation announces new Astro Bot platformer

Sony has announced that Astro Bot, the star of the pre-loaded DualSense PS5 demo Astro's Playroom, will get his first full-length, non-VR platforming game, simply titled "Astro Bot".

The details:

  • The title, which was announced during the most recent State of Play, will be developed by Team Asobi and released on September 6. “In this brand-new game, you will explore 6 galaxies and over 80 levels in search of Astro’s scattered crew,” the official blog post reads. “Hold on tight to your Dual Speeder and dive down to each unique planet, from lush forests, sandy beaches, hot volcanoes to more surprising locations such as a gigantic hourglass or the canopy of a singing tree!”

  • The game, like Astro's Playroom, will make extensive use of the DualSense's various features, including haptic feedback, motion controls, and adaptive triggers, which have previously been poorly implemented by third-party studios.

  • Astro Bot’s trailer shows several throwbacks and references to Sony's other first-party franchises, including Kratos' axe from God of War and a Parappa the Rapper-inspired outfit. PlayStation hardware will also be a major part of the experience, with Astro Bot using a PS5 console and DualSense as vehicles to travel to new locations.

  • Astro Bot made its first appearance in The Playroom, a short PS4 tech showcase that highlighted the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera. It then returned for its PS VR sequel, which saw its Robot Rescue game transformed into the full-priced VR release, Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

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