Persona 3: Reload and Persona 5 Tactica leaked by Atlus

by Danny Craig  · 
Persona 3: Reload and Persona 5 Tactica leaked by Atlus

It appears that the rumors of a Persona 3 remake and a new Persona 5 spinoff were true after Atlus accidentally confirmed their existence ahead of the Xbox Game Showcase.

The details:

  • Persona 3: Reload (P3R) and Persona 5: Tactica (P5T) will be released in early 2024 and November 17, 2023, respectively, as announced by Atlus West's official Instagram account on June 8. Both posts were deleted shortly after, but not before fans were quick to grab the trailers. According to the videos, the games will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with both being available on Game Pass at launch, although PlayStation and Nintendo Switch were not mentioned.
  • The trailer for P3R reveals that the game is a complete remake of the original, bringing it up to date in both gameplay and graphics within Unreal Engine 5. Even its UI design appears to be inspired by the acclaimed P5, with a strong emphasis on matching the game's overall blue theme. The trailer shows the protagonist, canonically known as Makoto Yuki, wandering around the school, mall, and other locations, as well as fighting enemies.
  • With P5T, a brand new tactical RPG spin-off featuring characters from the main game, Atlus has chosen to continue building upon the success of P5. The game appears to play similarly to other grid-based TRPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics or the recent Triangle Strategy, while its visuals appear to be influenced by a previous Persona spin-off, Q2, which was released on the 3DS in 2018. The premise looks to be that the P5 cast has found themselves in a place they don't recognize, which appears to be a palace of sorts and must fight their way out.
  • Both games have been rumored for months, with P3R footage surfacing from a video claimed to be an internal Sega video shown in 2021. Domains for the games were also discovered, and both were updated shortly before the recent leak. The trailers were reportedly intended to be revealed at Xbox's Game Showcase on June 11, which is clearly the case given the branding in the videos. It's also worth noting that what appeared to be a remake of Jet Set Radio was seen in the aforementioned internal video, implying that the franchise may be making a comeback soon.

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