Final Fantasy IX remake is “real” according to insider

by Danny Craig  · 
Final Fantasy IX remake is “real” according to insider
Square Enix

According to reliable sources, Square Enix is working on a remake of the ninth mainline Final Fantasy title, with the game maintaining a traditional gameplay style.

The details:

  • Journalist Jeff Grubb claims in the latest episode of the Game Mess Mornings podcast that the remake of Final Fantasy IX (FF9) is "real and happening," after hearing from a source "very recently." Grubb also stated that he does not know whether the gameplay of the remake will be similar to the original game or more like the FF7 remake, but he does believe Square Enix will not be as ambitious with the title as it was with FF7.
  • Insider Im A Hero Too backed up Grubb's claims and revealed more details about the game's gameplay and visuals on ResetEra. According to the user, the remake of FF9 will not use the action gameplay found in the franchise's more recent releases, instead opting to keep the traditional FF9 gameplay, such as turn-based combat. They also stated that the game's visuals are "very pretty" and that it isn't "just" a remaster, though it isn't on the same level as FF7's remake.
  • The "existence" of a remake was revealed in 2021 after Nvidia’s GeForce Now database was leaked. Up to this point, the leak has been fairly accurate, with many of the previously unannounced games being revealed and released on PC over the last two years, including many Square Enix titles like Chrono Cross' remaster and Kingdom Hearts 4. A remaster of FF Tactics was also included in the leak, and company employees have been hinting for a while that it could be true.

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