Nintendo's next console could be delayed beyond March 2025, report warns

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo's next console could be delayed beyond March 2025, report warns

Following reports that Nintendo is targeting a Q1 2025 launch date for the "Switch 2," it has been suggested that a March release is possible, though this could be pushed back even further.

The details:

  • According to Japanese publication Nikkei, claims of an early 2025 launch for the new console are true, and Nintendo, like with the original Switch, is planning a March release. Despite this, the outlet warns that the launch could be pushed back internally at any point.

  • It was previously stated that the console would be released in late 2024, but it was delayed for unknown reasons, causing Nintendo's share price to fall. Nikkei has now provided a possible explanation for the delay, stating that the company wanted to "ensure the initial inventory of the successor console and a lineup of software titles at the time of its launch," preventing reselling and shortages similar to the PS5's first two years of life.

  • The system, like the Switch, is expected to be a "hybrid" console with a larger screen than the Switch's 6.2-inch panel. Previous reports indicated that the screen would be an 8-inch LCD rather than the previously rumored OLED.

  • It was also stated that the console will include some form of DLSS upscaling technology, though its power is said to be lower than expected, with games only being able to reach a maximum resolution of 1440p rather than 4K.

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