Modern Warfare III is the lowest rated Call of Duty game in history

by Danny Craig  · 
Modern Warfare III is the lowest rated Call of Duty game in history

This year's Call of Duty entry appears to be a flop in terms of ratings, with both fans and critics handing Modern Warfare III the lowest scores in franchise history.

The details:

  • The Metacritic user score for the PS5 version of MW3 is only 1.4 out of 10, indicating an "Overwhelming Dislike" just a week after its early campaign launch. Although this can be dismissed as the typical reaction to new COD titles, it appears that even critics are having a hard time with the game, with an average rating of 50 out of 100 based on 33 reviews at the time of writing.

  • Before MW3, the lowest-rated COD release was 2021's Vanguard, the previous game from Sledgehammer Games, which currently sits at a 3.6 user score and a 73 critic average on PS5.

  • There appear to be several reasons for such low scores, beginning with the game's short campaign, which moved towards open levels inspired by the Warzone battle royale mode, with a shallow plot to follow. Its multiplayer has also received mixed reactions, with some calling it a $70 expansion for last year's title with reused maps from the original MW2, while others see it as a major upgrade. Zombies also received an overhaul, with an open world inspired by MW2's DMZ mode replacing classic round-based maps.

  • According to former and current Sledgehammer Games developers, MW3 was created in just 16 months after Activision reportedly decided to make the release a full game rather than an expansion as originally planned. It was also claimed that the team did not want to make a sequel to MW2, instead proposing a sequel to Advanced Warfare.

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