PS5 detachable disc drives can be easily swapped between systems

by Danny Craig  · 
PS5 detachable disc drives can be easily swapped between systems

It has been revealed that the newly released revised PlayStation 5's new detachable disc drive can be easily replaced.

The details:

  • As shown in a video from YouTuber TronicsFix, PS5 users can easily swap disc drives between systems, even after the drive has been registered to another console. When a drive is swapped out, the second system quickly registers it, allowing the drive to be used as if it had been originally connected to the console.

  • The drive's registration still requires an internet connection for its one-time verification process, but it will then be usable offline until it is swapped out. If the system does not have an internet connection for the first time setup, it will simply refuse to play any physical games.

  • Concerns about online verification began to emerge after the requirement was announced. Some users wondered if it would cause problems with repairs if the drive was paired with a specific console, forcing them to buy a brand new drive from Sony rather than reusing another for a lower price. Others were worried about the possibility of the verification servers going offline in the future, though the requirement is likely to be removed before then.

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