Next Mass Effect game not expected before 2029, report claims

by Danny Craig  · 
Next Mass Effect game not expected before 2029, report claims

According to reports, BioWare's upcoming Mass Effect title is still a long way off, with the project's development expected to follow a timeline similar to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

The details:

  • Sources have claimed that the new Mass Effect will likely arrive towards the end of the decade, according to Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb and Tamoor Hussain during Wednesday's Game Mess Morning show. It’s said that it is currently following a similar development timeline to that of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which has yet to receive a release date. “You want some original reporting?” Grubb stated. “This game is just nowhere near coming out. I was told that when they revealed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2018, this is similar in terms of timeline. That was announced in 2018 and we’re not getting that game until maybe next year. So now do the math for that, and we’re talking 2029 for Mass Effect 5.”

  • Grubb states that the recently released trailer and artwork for the title during the franchise's N7 Day celebrations were simply intended to reassure fans that the game is still in the works rather than any meaningful announcement. “When I asked, it was just like, ‘Hey, is this just because they have to do something for N7 Day?’ Yes. For this thing, that’s all this is.” said Grubb.

  • Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, BioWare's next title, has reportedly been internally delayed several times, initially slated for a September 2023 release before being pushed back to 2024 and now possibly 2025. The development of the game has been hampered by BioWare's layoffs earlier this year, which forced members of the Mass Effect team to move to the project, leaving only a small team to work on the sci-fi franchise.

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