Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen denies involvement in rumored Deus Ex title

by Danny Craig  · 
Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen denies involvement in rumored Deus Ex title
Square Enix

Following rumors of a new Deus Ex title, Adam Jensen's actor, Elias Toufexis, has confirmed that "no one has called" him about reprising his role in the series.

The details:

  • In response to a fan's hope that one of the actor's projects would be a new Deus Ex, Toufexis stated that he wishes he was working on a new Deus Ex, and that he is "not under any NDA for Deus Ex because no one has called [him] about it. Truly.” Toufexis previously expressed his desire to return to the sci-fi franchise, telling fans to reach out to both Eidos Montreal and its parent company, Embracer Group, about when a new game will begin development. A title may be still in the works, but with no ties to previous entries, prompting Eidos to skip contacting the voice actor.
  • Following Embracer's acquisition of Eidos from Square Enix in 2022, it had been reported that a new Deus Ex title was in the early stages of development at Eidos. Although no project was confirmed, rumors began to circulate again in May of this year after a job listing at Eidos was discovered requesting applicants to be knowledgeable in many systems found in the latest entry, Mankind Divided. The listing did raise some questions about its relationship to the franchise, however, as it was stated to be a co-op title rather than strictly single-player.
  • If a Deus Ex project was in the works, it's also possible that it was one of the unannounced projects that Embracer Group confirmed was canceled in June 2023. After the cancellation of a $2 billion partnership, the company announced that it would begin closing some of its studios, with projects yet to be announced in line to be canceled if it was not deemed "worth it" to continue development. However, it did state that it would focus on internally developed IPs and increase "external funding of large-budget games," so a new Deus Ex could still be on the way.

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