Denuvo DRM has been removed from Ghostwire: Tokyo

by Danny Craig  · 
Denuvo DRM has been removed from Ghostwire: Tokyo

It appears that the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper technology has been removed from Tango Gameworks’ 2022 Ghostwire: Tokyo after it was added last year.

The details:

  • The removal of the software occurred during an unscheduled update on April 17, according to SteamDB. It’s currently unknown if there is a reason behind its removal, but given that it has been a full year since its addition, it is possible that Bethesda chose not to renew the license.

  • Despite Ghostwire: Tokyo originally releasing in 2022, Denuvo was added to the PC version a year later as part of a larger update in April 2023, which also included new missions, a rogue-lite mode, and abilities.

  • Denuvo has a poor reputation in the gaming community, with many claiming that the technology causes performance and visual issues in certain games. Others also argue that it is "pointless," as pirates have cracked titles using the software on multiple occasions, though its developer has since introduced new systems, including watermarking, to detect illegitimate copies.

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