Denuvo unveils new watermarking tech to catch game leakers

by Danny Craig  · 
Denuvo unveils new watermarking tech to catch game leakers

Irdeto, best known for its controversial anti-piracy software Denuvo, has announced the release of TraceMark for Gaming, which enables gaming companies to trace the source of leaks using watermarks.

The details:

  • At GDC 2024 (via IGN), Irdeto announced that TraceMark for Gaming "leverages the core invisible watermark technology trusted by Hollywood studios, sports leagues, and pay-TV operators" and is aimed at the gaming industry, with watermarks that can be added throughout a game’s development.

  • The watermarks can be visible or invisible, and each copy of a game has a unique identifier. This allows developers to track who has been sharing footage or content from titles prior to launch with Irdeto claiming that the tech is “precise.”

  • It is targeted at those who are more likely to leak confidential content, such as internal playtesters, content creators with early access, closed beta testers under NDA, and approved reviewers. "By marking review copies and press screeners with either visible or invisible watermarks, game developers can add an extra layer of security," Irdeto said. "This ensures that if any content is prematurely leaked before the stipulated review embargo periods, it can be accurately tracked back to the source, thereby maintaining the integrity of the game's official release."

  • Denuvo has long been a source of controversy in the industry, with claims that the popular anti-piracy and copy protection software has resulted in poor game performance. Despite this, developers continue to pay for Denuvo's protection, and Nintendo has even partnered with Irdeto to provide documentation and tools to Switch developers.

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