2K will make a Mafia announcement soon, leaker claims

by Danny Craig  · 
2K will make a Mafia announcement soon, leaker claims

A reliable leaker claims that 2K is preparing to make an announcement about the Mafia franchise in the near future, but it is unclear what will be revealed.

The details:

  • X user @Kurakasis, a notable leaker who shared details about Metro Awakening and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle before their official reveals, has claimed that publisher Take-Two is preparing for a Mafia-related announcement as of a few days ago.

  • The leaker said it's "hard for me to determine the time frame" for when the announcement will be made, but they did note that they accurately shared news of a trailer for Ghost Story Games' Judas "3-4 weeks before it dropped."

  • Kurakasis clarified in a follow-up post that the contents of this announcement are currently unknown, meaning that it could be about anything from Hangar 13's upcoming Mafia title, a next-gen upgrade for previous installments, or something entirely new.

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