Alone in the Dark’s reboot arrives in October and its prologue is out now

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Alone in the Dark’s reboot arrives in October and its prologue is out now
THQ Nordic

Pieces Interactive’s remake of the old-school survival horror game has been given an October release date, with a playable prologue now available on major platforms.

The details:

  • THQ Nordic has released a trailer for the upcoming title, giving us a better look at the game and revealing that Stranger Things and Killing Eve stars David Harbour and Jodie Comer will portray protagonists Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on October 25th, with a deluxe edition that includes the Derceto 1992 Costume Pack, art book, vintage horror filter pack, and commentary mode.
  • THQ has not only released a new trailer, but also a playable prologue that can be downloaded for free on all of the aforementioned platforms. In the prologue, players take on the role of Grace, a young girl who explores the Derceto Mansion in order to send a letter to Emily Hartwood. Due to Grace's young age, the prologue does not include any combat and is intended to give players a taste of the game's atmosphere.
  • The original Alone in the Dark, released in 1992, is widely regarded as one of the most influential survival horror releases in gaming history, as it pioneered the fixed-camera angles and tank controls found in Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The reboot will follow the basic premise of Detective Carnby assisting Hartwood in her investigation of the disappearance of her uncle, Jeremy Hartwood, in the Derceto Mansion and the surrounding areas. Carnby and Hartwood will both be playable characters, with events and interactions differing depending on who is chosen.

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