Metal Gear Solid 3 remake has been revealed alongside a collection of the first three games

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Metal Gear Solid 3 remake has been revealed alongside a collection of the first three games

Konami has revealed its remake of the beloved Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (MGS3), as well as re-releases of the original versions of MGS 1, 2, and 3 for modern platforms, after years of rumors.

The details:

  • Konami has released a teaser trailer confirming the existence of the rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, titled Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. According to the official Twitter account, the odd choice of using the Greek delta symbol in its title was made because "its meaning fits the concept of the remake project," as "Delta means "change" or "difference" without changing structure.”
  • Outside of Snake himself appearing in the game's jungle setting, the trailer doesn't show much, but Konami has kindly released a number of in-game screenshots from the upcoming title on its official website. The images depict some distinctive locations from the game, such as the rope bridge and the destroyed building where a memorable encounter occurs. For those interested, series fan YongYea has provided an excellent analysis of the screenshots and reveal trailer here.
  • According to a new statement, the remake will be a "faithful recreation" of the original while "evolving gameplay with stunning visuals and a seamless user experience." It will also include "original voice characters, rich storyline, and expansive features of combat survival in harsh environments evolved with unprecedented graphics and immersive sound," and, predictably, no mention of its original director, Hideo Kojima, who left Konami in 2015 following allegations of poor treatment.
  • In addition to the main event, Konami announced the MGS: Master Collection, a re-release of the first three MGS games for current-generation platforms. The package includes versions of MGS 2 and 3 from the MGS HD Collection, which was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, with the first game appearing to be the PS1 version rather than its remake Twin Snakes. Remember that these are remasters of the original games, not remakes, so they will play exactly as they did on the PS1 and PS2, albeit with a noticeable improvement in visual quality. This will be released in autumn 2023 for the PS5, but it is unknown if it will be released on other platforms at the same time.

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