Bungie announces a new multiplayer Marathon game

by Danny Craig  · 
Bungie announces a new multiplayer Marathon game

Bungie has unveiled a reboot of its pre-Halo-era Marathon franchise as a PvP extraction shooter.

The details:

  • With a reveal trailer at PlayStation Showcase, Bungie announced its first non-Destiny-related project in over a decade: a reboot of the Marathon franchise. The title, according to Game Director Christopher Barrett, will not be a direct sequel to the original trilogy from the 90s, but rather a reboot within the "same universe." Barrett stated that Bungie has a "tremendous amount of respect" for the original titles and wished to "honor" the stories and themes of the games through references and deep cuts in the new release.
  • Barrett also confirmed that there will be no single-player campaign, with Bungie instead focusing on multiplayer PvP and making the game an extraction shooter. Despite being an old-school shooter, the original Marathon is known for having a strong narrative, and this time, the studio is focusing on "player-based storytelling," which is the idea that players will create their own experiences within the game as they fight for loot from other players and AI.
  • The trailer provided no information about the project's release date, and General Manager Scott Taylor stated that there is "still a lot of work to do" before we hear anything else about it. Taylor was unable to provide a timeline, but did say that the next time we hear anything about the game, we'll be able to see some gameplay and be "much closer" to its official release.
  • Taylor also stated that Bungie is currently hiring for the project. If you want to work on Marathon, you can find open positions on the project here.

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