Xbox has started refunding buyers of Redfall's canceled DLC pass

by Danny Craig  · 
Xbox has started refunding buyers of Redfall's canceled DLC pass

Following the closure of Arkane Austin and the cancellation of future content for Redfall, Microsoft has begun refunding those who purchased its expansion pass.

The details:

  • Players are reporting that refunds for Redfall's "Bite Back" edition have begun, with those who purchased the upgrade for the standard version also receiving $26.99. The Bite Back edition was intended to include the Hero Pass, which promised more characters and other content in the future, but these plans were scrapped after Arkane Austin unexpectedly closed in May.

  • Refunds are being issued in waves on Xbox, the Microsoft Store, the Epic Games Store, and Steam, even if no request was manually submitted. Those who purchased the physical version of the game can contact Bethesda Support for information on how to receive a refund, which requires providing details about the original purchase.

  • Redfall was met with a negative response upon its release last year, with many critics pointing to the game's technical issues, lackluster mechanics, and requirement to be online at all times. Despite the poor launch, Bethesda’s Pete Hines stated that the company would work with Arkane Austin to make it a "good game," with the final update this month adding an offline mode, revamped systems, and other additions to address some of its glaring issues.

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