Bethesda says that Redfall will become a “good game” as post-launch development continues

by Danny Craig  · 
Bethesda says that Redfall will become a “good game” as post-launch development continues

Months after the poorly received launch of Arkane Austin’s Redfall, Bethesda head of publishing Pete Hines has stated that the company will not abandon the title and instead turn it into a “good game” as it continues development on future updates.

The details:

  • In a new interview with, Hines was asked if the negative reception to Redfall, which was released back in May, had resulted in more pressure being placed on Bethesda’s core development team with its latest RPG, Starfield. The executive responded that although the company obviously doesn’t like failing to meet the expectations of players, if Starfield were to end up bombing, Bethesda wouldn’t "quit or abandon stuff just because it didn't start right."
  • In regards to Redfall, Hines compared it to the launches of The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 and stated that, like those previous titles, it would not be abandoning the game anytime soon. “Okay, we didn't get the start we wanted, but it's still a fun game… and we're going to keep working on it,” said Hines. “We're going to do 60fps. We're going to get it to be a good game because we know, as a first-party studio, Game Pass lives forever. There will be people ten years from now who are going to join Game Pass, and Redfall will be there.”
  • Many of Redfall's critics focused on the game's performance, specifically the lack of a 60 FPS performance option and the requirement of a constant internet connection to play its single-player mode. Aside from technical issues, the game's story, world, AI, and shooting mechanics were all panned for lack of polish, resulting in the game being review bombed on Steam.

More Microsoft news:

  • Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that he would "love to find solutions" to the possibility of hundreds of Xbox 360-era titles being lost to time when the Xbox 360 storefront closes in July 2024. Currently, approximately 220 titles will be rendered unplayable following the closure as they have not been ported to other platforms.
  • Microsoft has quietly ended its popular Game Pass deal, which allowed players to secure a two-week subscription to the service for just $1, just days before Starfield's early access launch. The original deal, which allowed players to receive a month's subscription for a low price, was discontinued in March and replaced with a revised version in July.
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