Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch

by Danny Craig  · 
Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch

It has been claimed that Tango Gameworks’ action platformer Hi-Fi Rush will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in 2024, ending the title's exclusivity on Xbox.

The details:

  • Nate the Hate, an insider with a solid track record of revealing upcoming announcements, claimed in a recent podcast that Microsoft intends to bring one of its "acclaimed" exclusives to a rival platform sometime this year. Although no specific game was mentioned, it was said to be "in the game of the year conversation" and fans "loved it."

  • Following the claim, lolilolailo, another trusted leaker, appears to have confirmed that Hi-Fi Rush is the game in question, replying to a Resetera post placing a bet on the title with "And you'll win." According to Windows Central's Jez Corden, "very trusted, proven" sources have informed him that Microsoft plans to release more of its back catalog on other platforms.

  • Despite owning multiple major studios and the rights to many notable IPs, Microsoft has maintained multiplatform agreements with Sony and Nintendo. Although it has shifted to keeping Bethesda's big hits like Starfield exclusive to PC and Xbox, it is not surprising if Hi-Fi Rush makes it to the Switch, given that Xbox CFO Tim Stuart stated that the company intends to offer its games and services in every possible form.

Xbox’s plans and changes for 2024:

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