Bethesda is aiming to update Starfield every six weeks

by Danny Craig  · 
Bethesda is aiming to update Starfield every six weeks

Bethesda has announced that Starfield will be updated around "every six weeks" beginning in February 2024 with new content and improvements.

The details:

  • The plan was revealed in the developer's End-of-Year update, where it stated that it is "targeting updates roughly every six weeks starting in February," with updates ranging from "quality-of-life improvements to content and feature updates." Those who want to get their hands on the updates first can join the game's Steam Beta branch.

  • Bethesda expanded on the update's contents, revealing that it will include new ways to travel, expanded ship customization and building with new decorations, and new gameplay options that will allow players to tweak specific elements of the game to make it easier or more difficult.

  • The studio also reiterated that its first expansion, as well as official mod tools and support, will be released next year, with the former containing "new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more." More information about both will be shared closer to their respective releases.

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