Workers Alliance protests Activision Blizzard's end to hybrid working

by Danny Craig  · 
Workers Alliance protests Activision Blizzard's end to hybrid working
Activision Blizzard

The ABK Workers Alliance has responded to Activision Blizzard's new office mandate which requires QA employees to return to full-time in-office work in January, referring to it as a "soft layoff."

The details:

  • The Workers Alliance issued a statement on its X account about the situation, stating that employees in Minneapolis, Austin, and El Segundo were informed at the end of November that they must return to full-time in-office work by late January, effectively ending hybrid working at the publisher. It considers Activision's move to be a "soft layoff," as some employees simply cannot afford to work out of a physical office five days a week due to financial issues, health concerns, or disabilities, and will most likely have to leave their role at the company.

  • The group also claims that those who remain after the return to office work will feel the effects of those who leave, as increased workloads will result in additional stress and lower-quality products.

  • According to IGN, which reviewed the original email sent to employees, Activision is offering a severance package that includes a "minimum of 12 weeks pay, 2023 bonus, 12 months of healthcare, and unused vacation time payout" to anyone who leaves the company as a result of the change.

  • Activision announced earlier this year that it was eliminating remote working after the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in staff leaving the Call of Duty developer as they were required to relocate within commuting distance of its studios. It was noted at the time that the locations are typically within cities, which means that for those in lower-paying QA positions, moving to the area was financially impossible.

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