Hackers release over a million files stolen from Insomniac Games

by Danny Craig  · 
Hackers release over a million files stolen from Insomniac Games
Insomniac Games

After claiming to have hacked Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games last week, ransomware group Rhysida has now followed through on its threats to release the data publicly, uploading 1.3 million files to its website.

The details:

  • Last week, Rhysida threatened to publicly release Insomniac data if no one bid on its auction after it hacked the studio, which began at 50 Bitcoin ($2 million). Personal information from employees, such as passport scans, was among the data, as were other files containing plans and assets from upcoming and ongoing projects at the studio.

  • As reported by Cyber Daily, the group has now uploaded over 1.3 million files totaling 1.67 TB of data to their darknet site. It's estimated that 98% of the stolen data was posted, with the remaining 2% sold to an anonymous buyer.

  • Fans have already begun looking through the files, which include a publishing agreement with Marvel, HR documents, and a variety of information relating to the company's upcoming Wolverine game and projects planned for the next decade. It is currently unknown whether the files contain any confidential data or if it was among the information sold.

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