Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is working on a new FPS

by Danny Craig  · 
Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is working on a new FPS
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According to a job listing at the studio, it’s now working on a new shooter leading fans to believe that the role is for Wolfenstein 3.

The details:

  • A new job posting for a "Senior Animator" to work on an unspecified AAA project has appeared on MachineGames' careers site. The job description states that the candidate should have a passion for "first-person immersive games," which suggests that the job is unrelated to its upcoming Indiana Jones title, which is likely to use a third-person perspective due to its emphasis on adventure and exploration.
  • The listing also specifies that the candidate should have "strong familiarity with MachineGames' titles." With the majority of the studio's output being Wolfenstein titles since its inception in 2009, and only two Quake titles breaking the trend, development of Wolfenstein 3 is more than likely in full swing, as id Software is currently working on Quake Champions.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order, the rebooted series that began in 2014, was a huge success among critics and fans due to its combat and narrative, spawning a sequel and spin-off, Youngblood. Despite the fact that Youngblood was regarded as a step down from previous entries, fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of main protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz.

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