Microsoft could be teasing a new Psychonauts game

by Danny Craig  · 
Microsoft could be teasing a new Psychonauts game

A post from Xbox’s social media team has caused fans to speculate that an announcement relating to Psychonauts could happen soon.

The details:

  • On May 29, Xbox's Australian Twitter account posted a tweet that included the letters H, S, X, Y, X, O, C, X, and P, which fill out a standard 3x3 naughts and crosses grid. The cryptic post was accompanied by "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? no please seriously, someone help us out".
  • After rearranging the letters, it spells out "PSYCHO XXX," leading many to believe that it is related to the Psychonauts franchise. Although it's obvious why "PSYCHO" could be interpreted as referring to Psychonauts, fans also noticed that there are three X's, which could indicate that a third installment will be announced soon.
  • After delving even deeper into the tweet's possible meaning, some pointed out that Xbox made the unusual decision to place the letters on a naughts and crosses grid. In this game of naughts and crosses, "PSYCHO" could be the naughts, leading to "Psycho-naughts.”
  • Microsoft's Xbox Summer Showcase is on June 11, so we could see a formal announcement there, whether it's a third entry or a remastering of the original Xbox title. It’s also possible that the tweet is referring to something entirely different, but all of the pieces certainly point towards the franchise.

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