Wizard With a Gun studio Galvanic Games is shutting down

by Danny Craig  · 
Wizard With a Gun studio Galvanic Games is shutting down
Galvanic Games

Galvanic Games, the indie developer behind the twin-stick shooter Wizard With a Gun, has announced that it is closing due to financial difficulties.

The details:

  • In a post to X, president and founder Patrick Morgan revealed that, despite Wizard With a Gun's "promising start" last year, sales were insufficient to sustain the studio. “It is incredibly difficult to see our team facing the uncertainty of the current market,” Morgan wrote. “I may never get over the irony of spending a decade building my ideal team, only for it to end after our most productive year. The dedication, creativity, and hard work of every person on our team have been nothing short of extraordinary."

  • Morgan concluded the post by thanking the community for its support and sharing a link to a LinkedIn post containing a list of those affected by the closure as well as details about their involvement at the studio over the years. It is unclear how many employees have been affected, but the developer's LinkedIn page lists a headcount of 11 to 50 people.

  • So far in 2024, over 10,000 people have been laid off in the gaming industry, with significant cuts at Xbox, PlayStation, and Unity, as well as numerous closures at Avalanche Studios, Sumo Group, and Bethesda.

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