Ubisoft responds to fan outrage over Star Wars Outlaws' "exclusive" Jabba the Hutt mission

by Danny Craig  · 
Ubisoft responds to fan outrage over Star Wars Outlaws' "exclusive" Jabba the Hutt mission

It was recently revealed that those who buy the Gold or Ultimate Editions of Ubisoft Massive's Star Wars Outlaws will have "exclusive" access to a mission featuring Jabba the Hutt. Ubisoft has responded to community backlash by asserting that it is "optional."

The details:

  • The release date for Star Wars Outlaws was announced last week, along with information related to its various editions, which include a number of in-game and real-world items. One notable inclusion is the "Jabba's Gambit" mission, which is only available at launch to Gold or Ultimate owners, leading many to believe that players will only be able to encounter Jabba in the game if they buy a pricier edition.

  • Ubisoft has responded to the situation in a statement to Eurogamer, confirming that Jabba and the Hutt Cartel will appear in-game outside of the mission and that the quest is "additional." "To clarify, Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel are one of the main syndicates in Star Wars Outlaws and will be part of the experience for everyone who purchases the game, regardless of edition," Ubisoft said. "The 'Jabba's Gambit' mission is an optional, additional mission with the Hutt Cartel along Kay and Nix's journey across the Outer Rim. This mission will be available to those who purchase the season pass or an edition of the game which includes the season pass."

  • It is unclear whether the mission will be available for standard edition owners in the future, but based on Ubisoft's previous titles, this is highly likely. Several Assassin's Creed games were released with exclusive missions that became available through Ubisoft Connect for earnable points a few months later.

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