Call of Duty's new Kong-themed glove costs more than Modern Warfare III

by Danny Craig  · 
Call of Duty's new Kong-themed glove costs more than Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty’s brand new BEAST Glove weapon inspired by the recently released Godzilla x Kong movie has been met with an overwhelmingly negative response from fans, as players need to purchase $80 worth of skin bundles to acquire it.

The details:

  • The BEAST Glove, a melee weapon in the game, is only available to those who purchase all four of the new Godzilla x Kong bundles from the in-game store. Each pack, which contains operator skins and weapon blueprints inspired by the film, costs $20, so players must pay $80 in total, which is more than Modern Warfare III's $70 price tag.

  • As you might expect, fans have called out Activision for the high price. A thread by xGrimaulOnXboxx on Reddit details the weapon’s functions, which are simply a unique inspect animation and the “joy of punching enemies.” The player also notes that it does not ragdoll enemies due to its supposed power, nor can camos be equipped with gloves.

  • Activision has a reputation in the gaming community for offering "overpriced" microtransactions, with the most popular COD bundles now costing around $20 on average. Some have defended the decision, claiming that these bundles are entirely optional, while others argue that it is an example of the publisher putting what could have been unlockable rewards behind a paywall.

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