Twisted Metal reboot could include on-foot combat and VR functionality

by Danny Craig  · 
Twisted Metal reboot could include on-foot combat and VR functionality

Job postings from the UK-based studio Firesprite may indicate that an unconfirmed reboot of the PlayStation classic Twisted Metal will feature on-foot combat as well as PlayStation VR2 compatibility.

The details:

  • The alleged Twisted Metal reboot was originally in development by Lucid Games before reports claimed that it had been handed over to Sony's first-party developer, Firesprite, which it acquired in September 2021. ResetEra users have discovered several job listings at the studio that they believe are related to the title.
  • The studio aims to "break new ground, blending genre-transcending gameplay mechanics around vehicular and on-foot combat and deeply embedding them into a unique gameplay environment as part of a unique and vibrant universe," according to the job description for the Principal Designer position. Those who have played any of the previous games in the series will recognize that the addition of on-foot gameplay could completely change the way the reboot plays as it shifts away from the series' signature vehicular combat.
  • Not only was on-foot combat mentioned in one of the listings, but the desirable skill of "experience developing gameplay for VR" was mentioned in the Principal Physics Programmer job description before being removed. This could be linked to the upcoming PlayStation VR2, with some mode or functionality within the game allowing players to experience Twisted Metal for the first time in VR.
  • Although the title has not officially been confirmed by PlayStation, the series is receiving its own TV adaptation this year, making a new entry in the franchise likely.

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