The sequel to Metro Exodus is in a playable state

by Danny Craig  · 
The sequel to Metro Exodus is in a playable state
4A Games

According to sources, a sequel to 4A Games’ Metro Exodus is reportedly fully playable.

The details:

  • The sequel to Metro Exodus has been in development for years, with developer 4A Games announcing the project in its 2020 10th anniversary update, stating that it would be "built for Gen 9 consoles and PC" and feature a "complete overhaul of our engine and renderer" to take full advantage of the power from the new systems.
  • According to Insider Gaming’s sources, the game is now fully playable and "well into development." The game's details are scarce, but we know it will play similarly to previous Metro titles. The game will also reportedly begin with a dream sequence before returning to reality at the main character's base of operations.
  • Using the Metro Exodus release timeline as a base, the game could be revealed later this year now that it is allegedly fully playable, with a full release scheduled for 2024. However, given the current state of affairs in Ukraine, delays could occur at any time.

In other 4A Games news:

  • A modding SDK for Metro Exodus was released last month, giving players the opportunity to create in-depth mods within the game’s 4A Engine. It was released with additional documentation and full support to ease creators into making new mods.
  • It was confirmed in its November 2020 update that the developer was exploring the possibility of a multiplayer Metro game. Despite not explicitly stating that the project was still in the works, the studio stated in its January 2023 update that its goals "remain the same."
  • The studio continues to operate as normally as it can during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine while providing volunteer and financial support to both its staff and the Ukrainian public.
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