4A Games releases Metro Exodus modding SDK

by Danny Craig  · 
4A Games releases Metro Exodus modding SDK
4A Games

The software development kit will allow players to finally create in-depth mods and levels using the game’s 4A Engine.

The details:

  • 4A Games announced the availability of the Metro Exodus SDK in a studio update on January 24. The launch comes after years of fans requesting full mod support, with the developers stating that it was "never realistically possible until now". The release includes Mod.io support and additional documentation to help those interested in mods get started and share their creations smoothly.
  • The SDK appears to include all of the tools authors would need to create mods using existing in-game content, such as a model editor, scripting, terrain, camera, weather tools, and a particle editor. After 18 years of work, the SDK is "still not perfect," according to 4A Games, but it will continue "developing it daily," potentially opening the door to additional functions in the future.
  • All mods will be free, as stated in the end user license agreement (EULA), with mod authors unable to legally sell or lock their creations behind any form of paywall.
  • Anyone looking to get into modding must have Metro Exodus or its enhanced edition installed from Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store. They can access and download the Exodus SDK from the same storefront where they purchased the game once installed.

What else was included in the update by 4A Games?

  • Despite the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the studio confirmed that a new Metro game is still being developed. Although the series has always had a strong anti-war stance, the new game will now be influenced by actual events in the under-siege state.
  • 4A Games also announced in a November 2020 update for the studio's tenth anniversary that it would explore a multiplayer Metro experience. Despite the fact that the project was not explicitly mentioned in the new update, the developers confirmed that the previous update's goals "remain the same.”
  • Not only is 4A Games still operating during the Russo-Ukrainian war, but it also continues to provide financial and volunteer support to both staff and the people of Ukraine. Despite the horrific circumstances, the employees of the studio continue to work as normally as they can.
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