The Pokémon Company establishes new subsidiary, Pokémon Works

by Danny Craig  · 
The Pokémon Company establishes new subsidiary, Pokémon Works
The Pokémon Company

It has been discovered that The Pokémon Company has established a new subsidiary, Pokémon Works, although it’s unknown what its purpose is as of yet.

The details:

  • Pokémon Works has yet to be officially announced, but Serebii webmaster Joe Merrick discovered the subsidiary's existence through its trademark and company registration.

  • The company's purpose is unknown, but it is confirmed that it is located in the same office building as ILCA, the studio behind Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Although ILCA is not owned by The Pokémon Company, the two companies have a close relationship as a result of the remakes and their collaboration on Pokémon Home.

  • Game Freak has traditionally developed the Pokémon franchise's video games, beginning with Red and Green, while Creatures Inc. handles the trading card game. It’s possible that Pokémon Works was established to closely support ILCA on future remakes and spin-offs.

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