The Finals beta ends with 7.5 million players throughout the weekend

by Danny Craig  · 
The Finals beta ends with 7.5 million players throughout the weekend
Embark Studios

The open beta for Embark Studios' upcoming shooter The Finals has ended, and the developer has revealed that over 7.5 million players took part over the weekend.

The details:

  • It was confirmed in an X post announcing the beta's end that over 7.5 million users had participated in the test since last Thursday, making it a massive hit with a peak of 267,874 concurrent players on Steam. “The Open Beta has come to an end,” Embark wrote. “An unforgettable week for us — a whopping 7.5 MILLION contestants entered the arena! Now it’s time for us to hunker down and get back to work on all the fixes and improvements you helped us identify. GG and until next time!”

  • Overall, the game was a success in terms of reviews, with many praising its destruction mechanics, in which nearly all objects can be destroyed with a variety of weaponry, which is to be expected given that the development team included former Battlefield developers. Players are tasked with collecting cash from vaults against other teams in a battle royale-style setting before delivering the goods to another location, complete with tight arcade shooter controls.

  • Despite the success of the beta, it was not without controversy, as it was quickly discovered that the title's in-game commentators were AI, resulting in a significant backlash from many actors and game designers accusing Embark of attempting to replace human actors. Embark quickly responded, stating that "making games without actors isn't an end goal" and that it "allows us to have tailored voice-over where we wouldn't otherwise."

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