Rockstar is looking for developers to work on GTAV multiplayer mod FiveM

by Danny Craig  · 
Rockstar is looking for developers to work on GTAV multiplayer mod FiveM

Rockstar has opened up some new positions in its London offices to work on FiveM, a Grand Theft Auto V mod that allows players to create custom online servers and access modes like GTA RP.

The details:

  • Job postings for a Product Manager and software engineers specializing in either C# or C++ programming languages have surfaced at Rockstar's London studio, with all three roles focusing on the upkeep and expansion of FiveM and RedM for GTA V and Red Dead Online, respectively.
  • Those interested in the Product Manager position must have three years of professional experience in a similar role and will be responsible for communicating with stakeholders about the platforms and future features. Those who are familiar with the modding scene, including multiple platforms and communities, are preferred.
  • Both Software Engineer roles will require working on the platform's backend, whether it's fixing bugs, adding new server features, or optimizing and maintaining code. C# developers should have some experience with networking systems, whereas C++ engineers should know about performance and memory optimization.
  • Rockstar acquired, the team behind FiveM and RedM, in August, which surprised many due to Rockstar's history of taking action against mods and suing those who allegedly reverse-engineered its source code. The acquisition came after the mods experienced a surge in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, with fans expecting similar platforms to be developed for the next GTA title.

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