Mojang ends support for dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons

by Danny Craig  · 
Mojang ends support for dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang has confirmed that it will no longer update the 2020 spin-off Minecraft Dungeons.

The details:

  • The Minecraft developer confirmed in a new blog post that the game had reached a total of 25 million unique players since its release in May 2020, but it also revealed that its 1.17 patch last November was the last for the title as its development team "has now moved on to new projects that continue to explore experiences in the Minecraft universe.”
  • Following the success of the main game, Minecraft has spawned several spin-offs, including the Notch-created Minicraft, the episodic Minecraft: Story Mode, the now-defunct Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons, and strategy title Minecraft: Legends.
  • Another spin-off could be revealed soon, as Mojang's Minecraft Live event on October 15 will feature news about both Minecraft's upcoming 1.21 update and future Minecraft: Legends content. Fans are also hoping for news of a current-gen console version of the original game, despite Microsoft's statement that ratings for an Xbox Series X version of the game "aren't indicative" of its plans.

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