PS5 Pro “likely” arriving later this year, report claims

by Danny Craig  · 
PS5 Pro “likely” arriving later this year, report claims

Analysts claim Sony intends to release a PS5 Pro in the "second half" of 2024, after the company acknowledged that sales will slow in the coming fiscal year.

The details:

  • In a new report from CNBC, Kantan Games CEO and analyst Serkan Toto shared that there is a "broad consensus" in the industry that the console refresh will arrive later this year, ahead of the release of Grand Theft Auto VI in 2025. It was also stated that the introduction of a pro model is unlikely to result in a price cut for the standard console.

  • Sony revealed in its most recent financial report that overall PS5 sales are expected to fall in the coming fiscal year, as there will be no new "major" games in its existing franchises in 2024. It also reduced its forecast for the remainder of FY 2023/24 from 25 million to 21 million units.

  • So far, Sony has released a refresh of the original PS5, which is smaller in size and offers the ability to add or remove a physical disc drive at any moment. Despite being the equivalent of a "slim" model, the console will completely replace the original 2020 console.

  • PS5 is not the only platform expected to see a refresh in the next year, as Xbox confirmed that it plans to release a new model of the Xbox Series X later this year, and Nintendo is reportedly targeting a Q1 2025 launch for its next console.

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