The new PS5 will require an internet connection to enable its disc drive

by Danny Craig  · 
The new PS5 will require an internet connection to enable its disc drive

It has been discovered that the new PlayStation 5 model will require players to connect to the internet to use the console's new detachable disc drive.

The details:

  • According to the small print on the box for a bundle that includes one of the new PS5 models as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, to pair the disc drive to the system, players must connect to the internet to verify its legitimacy as a first-party Sony drive.

  • This security measure could be removed in the future, but it appears to be in place to prevent third-party drives from being manufactured at a lower cost than Sony's official $79.99 disc drive, which will be released alongside the slimmer model. If it is removed, it will most likely be years after Sony abandons the system.

  • Due to how the drives are paired with each console's motherboard, it was discovered back in 2020 that two launch PS5 consoles would not recognize the existence of a disc drive if the two were swapped. This was most likely done by Sony in an attempt to combat piracy and third-party repairs.

  • The requirement has also raised concerns about game preservation, as many people have purchased physical copies of games to play them offline over the years. However, players will now have to rely on the servers always being available if they want to add a drive later, which may be shut down in the future.

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