Payday 3 underperformed commercially according to Embracer

by Danny Craig  · 
Payday 3 underperformed commercially according to Embracer
Starbreeze Studios

Embracer Group has stated that sales of Starbreeze’s shooter failed to meet sales expectations following its rough launch, although the developer claims that it is satisfied with its performance so far.

The details:

  • Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors stated in the company's most recent financial report (via VGC) that Payday 3 performed "a bit weaker than expected" and "below management expectations." Despite this, he added that now that its issues have been resolved, the company expects it to "contribute positively in FY 2023/24"

  • However, the game's developer, Starbreeze, referred to its launch as a "milestone" for the studio and stated that "both interest in the game and initial sales exceeded [its] expectations" in its latest interim report, although its confidence has taken a hit internally.

  • It's not surprising that Payday 3 failed to live up to Embracer's expectations, given that the game was unplayable for many at launch due to server issues, with an online connection required at all times. The studio later apologized for the stability issues and released a patch earlier this month, claiming that it was "up and running as things should be," with more content coming later this year.

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