Payday 3 is “finally up and running" according to Starbreeze

by Danny Craig  · 
Payday 3 is “finally up and running" according to Starbreeze

Starbreeze Studios, the developer of Payday 3, has stated that the game is now fully playable as expected following a rough launch filled with server issues and bugs.

The details:

  • In a new update posted to the game’s official Steam page, the developer claims that with the release of its first patch, Payday 3 is now “up and running as things should be”. The patch addresses a significant number of gameplay and stability issues, adds new quality-of-life features requested by fans, and can be downloaded now across all platforms.

  • The patch was delayed after Starbreeze discovered some "critical errors" in its pipeline, which it decided to fix before attempting to distribute the update as it could have corrupted player data. Now that it's out, the studio plans to start working on new content, which will be ready "before the end of the year."

  • Payday 3 received mixed reviews from fans, with many pleased with the heisting gameplay but disappointed by the lack of content and several technical issues, particularly with its servers, which rendered the title unplayable for many players for several weeks. This appears to have been resolved after Starbreeze blamed the downtime on its third-party matchmaking service and stated that it was looking into adding an offline mode.

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