Keywords Studios acquires The Multiplayer Group for £76.5 million

by Danny Craig  · 
Keywords Studios acquires The Multiplayer Group for £76.5 million
The Multiplayer Group

Keywords Studios, an Ireland-based company that provides development and support services to many major publishers and studios, has announced the acquisition of The Multiplayer Group, a studio that has worked on Fall Guys, Call of Duty, and Starfield.

The details:

  • The acquisition was announced in a new press release, which confirmed that the Nottingham-based studio had been purchased from Improbable for £76.5 million, with the current leadership team remaining entirely intact. MPG will be used by Keywords to expand its multiplayer services, including its live-service offerings.

  • MPG focuses on the full and collaborative development of multiplayer titles in all areas, such as art, design, programming, quality assurance, and production. It has assisted in the creation of popular releases such as Modern Warfare 2 and Fall Guys and games across EA and 2K's portfolios. Improbable, a metaverse infrastructure company, first acquired the studio for $97.1 million in 2019 as it expanded into the gaming industry.

  • Keywords has been growing its list of subsidiaries over the past couple of years, acquiring Blacklight: Retribution studio Hardsuit Labs and Age of Empires developer Forgotten Empires, as well as PR agency LabCom and support platform Helpshift.

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