Halo Infinite's Master Chief armor costs more than the game it originated from

by Danny Craig  · 
Halo Infinite's Master Chief armor costs more than the game it originated from

The recent release of the classic Mark V armor in Halo Infinite, originally worn by Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved, has sparked community outrage due to its high price tag.

The details:

  • Despite Halo Infinite's recent success with the release of Season 5 and the upcoming release of a Halo 3 throwback, fans have turned their attention to the in-game store, where Master Chief's iconic Mark V armor costs a whopping $22.

  • Although expensive cosmetics are nothing new for free-to-play games, with skins typically ranging between $10 and $30 these days, the set of armor has drawn criticism as it costs more than twice the price of the Master Chief Collection version of Combat Evolved, the game from which it originated.

  • Although Combat Evolved is over 20 years old, its PC re-release includes a full-length campaign, remastered visuals, and online support for its classic multiplayer mode, offering players a solid experience at a reasonable price. During Steam sales, the entire MCC bundle, which includes all mainline games before Halo 5, is also available for as little as $10.

  • Infinite's in-game store has become a controversial topic in recent months, with 343 promising to revamp the game's cosmetic system to allow players to combine armor and colors across "cores," as has been requested since launch. Despite this promise, the Mark V armor is a "kit" that can only be worn as sold, with no further customization, and the game's other items have also recently received a price increase, prompting fans to voice their dissatisfaction about its monetization.

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