BioWare releases new teaser for the next Mass Effect

by Danny Craig  · 
BioWare releases new teaser for the next Mass Effect

Mass Effect developer BioWare has released a new teaser trailer for the next entry in its sci-fi series during its eleventh annual N7 Day celebration.

The details:

  • After releasing short segments of the trailer throughout the day, fans can now watch the entire 30-second video on the official Mass Effect YouTube channel. It doesn't show much other than a masked figure wearing a black and red trench coat with a N7 logo walking down a hall, leading fans to speculate whether it is the game's new protagonist, a companion, or a villain.

  • The mysterious character was also featured in official artwork shared on X, with what appears to be a bar or nightclub scene covering a portion of its body. The image depicts Angara, a race native to the Andromeda galaxy, and what appears to be Geth dressed in clothing, implying that the Angara have made their way to the Milky Way, where the original Mass Effect trilogy was set.

  • It’s unknown when the new title will arrive, as developers originally working on the project had to jump ship over to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s team following an internal restructuring at BioWare earlier this year. The same reports also claimed that Mass Effect 4 (or 5 if you count Andromeda as the fourth game) is still in pre-production.

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