GTA V's single-player DLC was canceled as GTA Online was a "cash cow," developer claims

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GTA V's single-player DLC was canceled as GTA Online was a "cash cow," developer claims
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Joseph Rubino, a former Rockstar senior camera artist and virtual cinematographer, claims that plans for Grand Theft Auto V's single-player DLC content were scrapped due to the financial success of the game's online mode.

The details:

  • Rubino told YouTube channel SanInPlay that he had worked on the Agent Trevor DLC as "one of the main editors, camera artists, and doing a lot of the second unit on-stage stuff." He explained that the game's development team had been split between GTA Online and the DLC, with some employees later transitioning to Red Dead Redemption 2 during early development.

  • Rubino then claimed that the cancellation of all DLC projects was caused by GTA Online's financial success, which prompted Rockstar to shift its focus to multiplayer mode. "What happened was when GTA Online came out, it was so much of a cash cow and people were loving it so much that it was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would out-compete that," he said.

  • According to the developer, Agent Trevor was half-finished when it was canceled, and he was "a little sour" about the decision to stop development. Steven Ogg, Trevor Phillips' actor, confirmed earlier this year that he did "shoot some of that stuff" for the DLC, but Rockstar never returned to the project.

  • Rockstar initially stated that it was working on story mode content after GTA V's release, but later said that the majority of its resources would be used for GTA Online, with elements from the planned DLC later appearing in online content.

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