Escape From Tarkov players will receive in-game currency for helping catch cheaters

by Danny Craig  · 
Escape From Tarkov players will receive in-game currency for helping catch cheaters
Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games intends to reward players who report cheaters in Escape from Tarkov with in-game currency in order to combat the game's ongoing cheating problem.

The details:

  • Battlestate detailed the new system in the game's patch notes under the section titled "Compensation for reporting players who violated game rules". According to the developer, players will receive an unspecified payout "after the report that led to the blocking of the violator," along with an in-game message confirming that action was taken. Compensation will be given in a lump sum if multiple cheaters are banned, but it has not been explained how long players must wait for payment.

  • EFT has been plagued by cheaters for years, with fans conducting investigations to reveal the large number of players in each game who use wall hacks and aimbot cheats. Players have already suggested a bounty-style system in the past, citing Yager's now-defunct shooter The Cycle: Frontier, which rewarded successful bans. However, some opposed the idea as it would still require Battlestate to follow up on reports, which many believe the developer fails to do.

  • Cheaters are not the only thing that has contributed to Battlestate and EFT's negative reputation in recent years. In April, the studio announced a new $250 edition of the game with an exclusive PvE mode that players had requested since launch. The backlash was so severe that the exclusivity plans were quickly retracted, with the most recent patch also introducing a fully offline version of the mode.

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